Frax Share (FXS)

The distribution of FXS across the system

Community (65% – 65,000,000 FXS)

DeFi Protocols have made use of liquidity programs to jumpstart growth and distribute protocol tokens to community members. To that end, 60% of all FXS tokens are to be distributed through various yield farming, liquidity incentives, and exclusive governance proposals across a number of years.

60% – Liquidity Programs / Farming / Community – Via gauges & governance halving naturally every 12 months

Since FIP-16 veFXS gauges, the token distribution has changed to 25,000 FXS per day to the FXS gauges. The original FRAX-FXS Uniswap v2 pool still accrues 16,438.37 FXS per day.

Per the original design specs for FXS distribution, the FXS supply will halve every 12 months on December 20th each year. This means that on December 20th, 2021 the gauge emission will reduce by 50% to 12,500 FXS per day and FRAX-FXS Uniswap v2 to 8,219.18 FXS per day. These changes will not unlock locked LPs as they are the normal emission schedule of the FXS supply. As DeFi is an evolving landscape, these emissions can be changed by a full Frax Improvement Proposal (FIP) governance vote where LP locks and boost weights can be redone if the FIP is passed. Full votes require 2 weeks of discussion followed by a token holder vote per the official governance process.

Community governance can decide which pools, programs, and initiatives to support with the emission schedule, but it cannot be increased past the 100,000,000 FXS supply max. Thus, a maximum of 60,000,000 FXS will be distributed to the community for liquidity programs and other DeFi initiatives as they appear in the space as voted by governance. New programs can be added by governance to the remaining allocation, but no more than 60,000,000 FXS can be allocated due to the hard cap of 100,000,000 FXS distributed. This is to put a hard cap on the amount of FXS as well as to put a hard duration on the number of years required to distribute the FXS. This emission rate was chosen to balance the need for a large amount of rewards for early adopters while not distributing all FXS too early which is needed for long term community sustainability. The FXS emission should be thought of and modeled more after Bitcoin mining than anything else. FXS distribution needs to be multi-year, extended, and sustainable until the protocol reaches ubiquity.

5% – Project Team Treasury / Grants / Partnerships / Security-Bug-Bounties – via Team and Community discretion The Project Treasury should be used for making grants for development of the Frax technology, open source upkeep of the code, future audits of smart contracts, bug bounties through responsible disclosure, possible cross-chain implementations, team compensation, creation of new protocol level features and updates, Frax Improvement Proposals (FIPs), partnerships with exchanges and DeFi projects, providing liquidity on AMMs at launch. The usage of this fund is dependent on the discretion of the team.

Team and Investors (35% – 35,000,000 FXS)

20% – Team / Founders / Early Project Members – 12 months, 6 month cliff Team tokens are retained for founders and original early contributors to Frax. The Frax Protocol was conceived in late 2018 and work began in early 2019. The Frax concept has been over 2 years old since conception. Although, the mainnet is just now being launched, the contributions of founders and early members that have been working on Frax was crucial to releasing the protocol. The team will continue to work on Frax for its lifetime along with the greater community.

3% – Strategic Advisors / Outside Early Contributors – 36 months Advisory tokens which are allotted for strategic work done in legal, technical, and business efforts to advance the adoption of the Frax protocol. The tokens are vested evenly over 3 years.

12% – Accredited Private Investors – 2% unlocked at launch, 5% vested over the first 6 months, 5% vested over 1 year with a 6 month cliff The first round in Frax was done in August of 2020 with a small allocation that was sold out in under 2 hours. This allocation will have a small amount of their tokens, ~2% unlocked at launch. The remainder of the round was done individually through private placements.The remaining 10% is vested evenly over 1 year, half of which has a 6 month cliff.

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