Miscellaneous & Bug Bounty
Oracle updater bot: 0xBB437059584e30598b3AF0154472E47E6e2a45B9
Utility / helper contract deployer: 0x36a87d1e3200225f881488e4aeedf25303febcae

Front Running Mitigation & Testing Environments

Frax Protocol testing suite uses Hardhat+Truffle (with Ganache support) on all testing scripts. Front running of smart contracts are mitigated on system contracts since swaps have ceiling sizes. Thus, Frax Protocol front running is dependent on protocols that AMOs mint into rather than endogenous system contracts.

Frax Bug Bounty

Frax Finance provides one of the largest bounties in the industry for exploits where user funds are at risk or protocol controlled funds/collateral are at risk. The bounty is simply calculated as the lower value of 10% of the total possible exploit or $10m worth paid in FRAX+FXS (evenly split). Both tokens are immediately liquid. The bounty will be delivered immediately or a maximum turnaround time of 5 days due to timelock+mitigation. Slow arbitrage opportunities or value exchange over a prolonged period is not applicable to this bounty and will receive a base compensation bounty of 50,000 FRAX.
Note: This bounty does not cover any front-end bugs/visual bugs or any type of server-side code of any web application that interacts with the Frax Protocol. The above bug bounty is only for smart contract code. Smart contract code on any chain that manages Frax Protocol value and/or user deposited value is included in this bounty.
Contacts: you can reach out anonymously through any communication channel including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or Signal.

FraxSwap / FPI Bug Bounty

We are also offering a bug bounty up to 15% of the TVL at risk, payable in FRAX, to anyone that discovers and discloses to us a catastrophic bug that causes any:
  1. 1.
    Infinite mints
  2. 2.
    Permabricking anything
  3. 3.
    Insta-drain of FraxSwap TWAMM token0/token1 reserves
  4. 4.
    Insta-drain of FPIControllerPool FRAX reserves
If there are smaller bugs / math errors, etc that leak smaller, but significant amounts of tokens over time, we will pay on a case-by-case basis.
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