AMO Minter

Frax's updated structure for minting FRAX and processing mints & redeems

In September and October of 2021, the system moved to an updated model using a FraxPoolV3 system contract (0x2fE065e6FFEf9ac95ab39E5042744d695F560729) that handles responsive mints & redeems for the protocol with a lower attack surface. Through this new pool, the Frax AMO Minter contract was designed to do algorithmic minting according to the specifications of new AMOs attached to the FraxPoolV3.

A consequence of this was that the old AMOs that were built on the FraxPoolV2 (0x1864Ca3d47AaB98Ee78D11fc9DCC5E7bADdA1c0d) were upgraded to new versions using the FraxPoolV3 collateral and minting system, all controlled through the comptroller msig & timelock system.

The new system allows for automated collection of yields & return of collateral to the FraxPoolV3, of which the profit may be distributed to FXS holders by the FXS1559 AMO.

Contract Addresses

The AMO Minter is deployed at the following address on the Ethereum mainnet: 0xcf37B62109b537fa0Cb9A90Af4CA72f6fb85E241.

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