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Ferry that can be used to ship tokens between chains


A slower, simpler, but more secure method of bridging tokens.


  • Too many bridge hacks from bugs, team rugs, anon devs, etc.
  • Risks of infinite mints.
  • Some chains have slow bridges (Arbitrum, Optimism, etc).


  • Risk is capped by token amounts in bridge contracts. No risk of infinite mints.
  • Slower transactions give more time for bad batches to be caught and stopped, assuming they are not cancelled automatically by bots.
  • Crewmembers can pause contracts so any issues can be investigated.


  • Captain is tricked into proposing a batch with a false hash AND all crewmembers bots are offline/censured/compromised and no one disputes the proposal.
  • Reorgs on the source chain. Avoided, by only returning the transactions on the source chain that are at least one hour old.
  • Rollbacks of optimistic rollups. Avoided by running a node.
  • Operators do not have enough time to pause the chain after a fake proposal. Avoided by requiring a minimal amount of time between sending the proposal and executing it.
  • Centralization