Tornado Cash
Mints FRAX directly into Tornado anonymity sets
Since FRAX aims to be an entirely permissionless, decentralized money, the next natural area of focus should be full privacy akin to traditional cash. To expand our privacy features, we’ve proposed making FRAX the newest asset added to, the premier zk privacy tech on Ethereum. We’ve proposed an AMO Controller that would allow minting of FRAX directly into the FRAX-Tornado anonymity set which would use FRAX’s expansion events as privacy enhancing ammunition which is a positive sum outcome for the protocol since any increase in privacy is value generating. Arbitrageurs and users will have the ability to mint FRAX directly into’s anonymity set to mix new FRAX from genesis. The gas and optimization costs of this strategy are being explored to leverage L2 solutions. The eventual end goal for this AMO is to anonymize the entirety of incoming FRAX supply when gas/L2 optimization solutions are fully implemented.
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